What happens if things go wrong? Unipads have the answers.


More often than not, when prospective student tenants from the University of Birmingham are looking for a house in Selly Oak for the next year, they do not really think about problems that might occur in the house.


What happens if the shower stops working or if a radiator starts to leak ?


We, at Unipads, are aware of the importance of providing a speedy response to this type of problem and we are very proud of our record on this subject. Our trusted maintenance team are usually in the Selly Oak student area and deal with most issues within 24 hours.


Our suggestion to you when viewing a property is "speak to the current tenants". They will tell you about our record on the subject. Hopefully there won't have been any problems, but if there have been any, we like to think that the issue was corrected swiftly.


This should give you the confidence to know that a Unipads house is a safe house and that everything works properly.