At Unipads we don't provide just the bricks and mortar.  We also supply everything else you will need whilst inside it to make your University stay as comfortable as possible. 

Bedrooms are fully equipped with modern furnishings!  Meanwhile, our open planned living accommodation enjoy generous kitchens with dining facilities complemented with high spec appliances.  There is even some funky wall art in every house.

All the little extras such as vacuum cleaners and microwaves are also included for your use at no extra charge. Our brand new Apartment Scheme, Elliott Apartments, also includes a Cleaning Service!

So often we hear of University of Birmingham students visiting properties and reserving that house or apartment based on the soft furnishings, only to find out when they move in it's all vanished, or even replaced with inferior alternatives - yes you guessed it, that 50' plasma screen and snazzy glass coffee table belonged to the tenants themselves!  Some tenants are even asked to hire, at their cost, the TV or washing machine, or face an urgent trip to IKEA to find a suitable desk chair!

Don't worry...because when you choose a Unipads student property, everything you saw in terms of the trendy furniture and useful equipment when you viewed it will still in place, and waiting for you when you make that Unipads student house your home. This is particularly important as our tenants start to move into their Selly Oak Properties in advance of the new University term commencing in a few weeks!

What happens if things go wrong? We at Unipads have the answer!

More often than not, when prospective students from the University of Birmingham are looking for a student house or flat in Selly Oak, they do not really think about problems that might occur in the property.

What happens if the shower stops working or if a radiator starts to leak ?

We, at Unipads, are aware of the importance of providing a speedy response to students and we are very proud of our record on this subject. Our trusted maintenance team are usually in the Selly Oak student area and deal with most issues within 24 hours, if not faster!

Our suggestion to you when viewing a property is "speak to the current tenants". They will tell you about our record on the subject. Hopefully there won't have been any problems, but if there have been any, we like to think that the issue was corrected swiftly.

This should give you the confidence to know that a Unipads house is a safe house and you won’t find a better property to live in Selly Oak!

Well here we are again. That hectic time when students from The University of Birmingham and BCU begin their search for student accommodation for the next academic year in the Selly Oak area. 

How things have changed over the years. 20 years ago Birmingham students would make it their business when they came back to University after the Easter holidays to secure a house for the following year, the tenancy period for which would commence just a couple months later in July. That would be in late April/early May. 

By the early years of the new millennium that search for Selly Oak student accommodation would start when students returned after the Xmas/New Year break in early January. This wasn’t only for Birmingham University students. This earlier search for accommodation could also be seen in other major University cities. 

The more alert student then had a good idea. “Why don’t we get our student accommodation sorted out before the Xmas holiday ? Then we don’t have to worry about it when we get back in January.”

Without it actually being publicised, that notion seemed to sweep through the various halls of residence in Selly Oak and before long, letting student houses before Xmas became the norm for the University of Birmingham. 

At Unipads, we have always been very confident of letting our Birmingham student houses early and that is, in the main, due to the high quality of our properties. 

The vast majority of Unipads houses are in the Selly Oak area and they have been designed in such a way as to greatly appeal to Birmingham University students who are looking for a quality property for their year at University. Such is the quality of our Unipads houses that there are many cases in which Birmingham students will stay on in the same house for a second year because the house offers them everything they could possibly need in a student home. 

This year has now reached a new level as far as early timing is concerned. Our Unipads website has already received 5 applications for student accommodation in Selly Oak for 2019/20. Four of those applications actually came through last week before the University of Birmingham’s autumn term had even begun !!

We all know that the early bird catches the worm but this seems ridiculously early. 

We are updating our Unipads website during the next few days and hopefully by the end of this week, the site will be ready to go. 

We look forward to hearing from you so please check out our beautiful student houses on our Unipads website and select to view the houses that meet your search criteria.

University students in Birmingham looking for housing in the Selly Oak area -BEWARE!


One particular agent, who shall of course remain nameless, has been known to use a particular ruse to perpetrate the most appalling scam on unsuspecting young Birmingham University students looking for accommodation in Selly Oak.


A group of students went to view a particular property with this Selly Oak estate agent. They loved the house and went back to the agents office to sign up.

First of all, each of them had to pay the agent a registration fee which effectively is a fee that the agents charge for nothing else other than showing the group over some houses. Most students think that this fee might form part of the deposit. NO IT DOES NOT. It goes straight into their pockets.




When the students went back to sign the tenancy agreement they were told by the agents that unfortunately the house they wanted had been signed up by another group. However they do have other houses for the same number of people which they could offer. When the students told the agents that they didn't like any of the alternatives and asked for their registration fee back they were told that they couldn't have it. The agents told the unsuspecting students that the registration form they signed and the fee they paid was not for that specific property but covered any property that might be offered to them.




We at UNIPADS DO NOT charge any fees.


With us you are dealing DIRECTLY with the landlords and not through any intermediaries.


If you live in or want to live in a Unipads house, the one thing you can be assured of is that very few landlords put as much effort and attention to detail as we do.

The Unipads brand stands for quality.

To say we put a lot of effort into our houses is a gross understatement.

In the summer holiday period just ended we upgraded no fewer than 9 properties, of which 2 were total refurbishments with everything in the house being renewed including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, carpets, beds, furniture, window blinds, TV's etc etc. The other 7 were all upgrades of one sort or another including new bathrooms, furniture, carpet etc.

We at Unipads have learnt over the years that we cannot stand still with our refurb programme. When our tenants return after their summer holidays they will want to find a house which is ready for occupation and which has been brought up to as good as possible condition.

Unipads houses offer top quality at realistic rents. We don't claim to be the cheapest nor are we the most expensive. We want our tenants to live in a safe environment with all the facilities that they might have at home so our houses will typically contain a washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, oven, hob, large TV in the lounge. A typical Unipads bedroom will contain a double bed, wardrobe (either built in or free standing), chest of drawers, bedside table, study desk and chair and in many cases there will also be a wall mounted or desk-top TV.

We have in the past and will continue to assess each of our properties every year to see where improvements can be made.

Just look at our magnificent recent development at Elliott Villas. 6 beautiful houses in an excellent location built entirely from scratch. There is not enough room in this blog to explain fully how superb these houses are. Check out our Unipads website and you will get a flavour, then arrange a viewing asap to see for yourself. Houses of this quality and location will not remain available for long so don't delay. Check them out !

The details and photos on our website generally should give you a flavour of what we have to offer but please do contact us if you have any specific requirements.

It is no coincidence that our properties are usually fully let before our competitors so don't delay. Book viewings now !!